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I like to write, I like to dig, but I also love to dig into informative or just simply entertaining writing from fellow journalists, talented bloggers, gardeners and helpful organisations.

This is what caught my attention in recent weeks…

  • Our back garden seems to be a motor-way for the local cat pack, including our own two bundles of furry fun (Domino and Dotty), so it was useful to get some tips about cat deterring plants to protect my more precious plants.
  • Helping to run a by-monthly school garden club in Northampton, I love to share my gardening knowledge but also the importance of wildlife as part of a balanced eco-system. At one or our recent sessions we highlighted Hedgehog Awareness Week and encouraged the children to find ways to attract them to their gardens. I’ve already made a Hedgehog highway in my garden, and I found this Hedgehog Friendly Football League a fun way to get ground maintenance companies to be more aware of the prickly visitors before mowing.
  • With June almost upon us – I’ll certainly be encouraging my nine-year-old to go wild with the Wildlife Trusts  (or at least take his wildness out of the house!)
  • From personal experience, I know just how beneficial gardening can be for your mental health and this article covering the healing powers of gardening summed it up nicely.
  • However, I know only too well the excitement and eagerness felt while on the waiting list for a first allotment can soon be replaced by a “what have I got myself into!” when finally presented with an overgrown, rubbish dump. I loved this take on getting your first allotment by Muntjac on the Allotment and Gardens website.
  • Having written about edible flowers , it was great to read Jan Billington’s perspective as a commercial, organic edible flower grower in her Edible Flowers: a beginners guide article on the English Garden website.
  • I have to admit to chickening out of World Naked Gardening Day on May 6 – but did anyone else dare to bare (or see anyone else at the allotment ‘au natural’)?!
  • While researching articles covering diet, health, wellbeing and food & drink, I get to talk to a lot of knowledgeable people. Nutrition coach Susan Hart covers great tasting but healthy recipes on her blog, along with a lots of other useful information.
  • I also republished an article on micropubs in April – looking at how the movement has gone from strength to strength over the last few years. Find out more information on the concept or find a micropub near you .

I’m sure I missed some great gardening, health and wellbeing and food and drink writing last month. Please leave your recommendations in the comments, or tweet @allotmentalice if you’ve read something inspiring or interesting…

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