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Sowing seeds in a raised bed

Summer at the allotment is all about busting your gut – and your gluts! To avoid the latter, succession sow your seeds to extend your harvest…

  • Sow little and often: rather than sowing an entire packet of seeds in one go – and therefore harvesting your entire crop at the other end – sow thinly every few weeks to give longer yields (up to three months in some cases) and less gluts.
  • Start staggering: not you – rather your crops! For a less rigid, but easier-to-remember sowing plan, sow every time a newly sowed row of carrots or salads pop their heads up.
  • Pick the right stuff: Choose the optimum crops for succession sowing such as spinach, broad beans, lettuce, peas, radish etc, which don’t store well and are best harvested when tender. French beans can be sown every 10 days, and fennel and coriander once a week. Long yielding crops, or those that need harvesting at the same time (pretty much regardless of when they’re sown) such as tomatoes and pumpkins, don’t require succession sowing.
  • Think ‘thin and fat’: Pick crops early by thinning rows of speedy veg such as lettuce and radish and leave the alternate plants to grow fatter for richer pickings.



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