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As a gardening journalist I’m lucky enough to combine my love of growing with my work, so it was fascinating to be commissioned to look into the history of the grow-your-own movement by Great British Food magazine.

I also delved into the history of the summer tradition of the ice-cream van for Great British Food, looking at how this much maligned industry is ringing the changes, quite literally, to stay one cone ahead of the competition…

In mid June I offered fellow gardeners my usual monthly roundup of jobs and activities to do in your garden

And posted some of my regularly commissioned diet, wellbeing and fitness features, including this one for Natural Health magazine which looked at how clock watching could help weight watching.

Investigating the ingredients which go into commonplace food and drink is often a theme of my food journalism and Great British Food magazine asked me to explore why malt is such a vital ingredient of British beer.

Returning to my own Northamptonshire allotment, I posted a guide to succession sowing on your plot, to make the most from the growing season, and avoid those gluts!

And finally, I dusted off my bike and worked up a sweat looking at the benefits of working out, outside, rather that on the treadmill, for an Essentials Magazine feature.

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