Earn your crust: 5 ingenious uses for sandwich crusts

The upper crust

I mark #NationalSandwichDay by sharing some nifty ways to use up sandwich crusts, which are guaranteed to make your hair curly…

As any parent will know – crusts are the devil’s food. That is, if you are aged between two and 10.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve opened up the lunch box of my school-age son and found the crusts uneaten. It doesn’t matter what the sandwich contained, or even if I spread the butter right to the edges, these neatly crimped right angles of bread are always discarded. Their only crime: being a crust.

In an effort to stop these breadovers ending up in the recycling caddy, I’ve been rounding up a few ingenious ways to reuse these bready semi-circles and floury Ls – and thought you might find them useful too.

  1. Cheesy, herby chips – one for those savoury sandwich cuts off, and almost good enough to make from fresh;
  2. Crust and butter pudding – a must for those sticky jam sarnies (1 U.S cup is roughly 60g, or approx. 250ml);
  3. This recipe for crunchy croutons suggests using a whole loaf but it works well with saved breadends, provided they don’t have too much butter and other fillings on them;
  4. This recipe for panzanella uses pizza crust (another thing that gets leftover in our house) – but it’s equally good with crusts. Brown and toast them in the same way and mix up with the fresh veg and cheese;
  5. Make the crusts into breadcrumbs and you have a myriad of options from vegetable coatings and toppings for ice-cream (if they are sweet sandwiches) to this lovely River Cottage pesto.



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