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Stay warm and snug in a DIY bird hide

Get closer to the Big Garden Birdwatch action on January 27-29 by rigging up your own special bird hide…

1. Viewing birds from indoors is never quite the same as an adventure outdoors, but staying well hidden – and keeping warm – can be a problem in January. This is where a DIY bird hide comes in handy! First decide on a good spot for your hide: hidden among some undergrowth is best and facing your bird feeders, and lay out a ground sheet.

2. Create a wigwam with two short, thick sticks (tall enough to sit under) and one longer one. Small tree branches or sturdy willow whips are good for this. Prop the longest stick at the back and the two short ones at the front and tie firmly together with string. Make sure your teepee frame can stand up by itself or, if the ground is soft enough, bang the ends of the sticks into the ground with a mallet.

Grab sturdy sticks to make a wigwam

3. Drape two old blankets or thick sheets over the back and front, and cut a hole in the top = so you can slot the hole over the three sticks. Secure with clothes pegs so it doesn’t blow away.

4. Cut a rectangular flap in the front blanket with scissors and use clothes pegs to clip it up when you want to look out.

5. Wrap up in warm clothes, and fill your hide with comfy cushions, blankets, and of course binoculars. Snacks for the birdwatchers are obligatory too so you can watch and wait for the birds in the lap of luxury. (Psst, if the weather is really bad, you can always set this up indoors for a bit of family fun 🙂 ) Happy twitching!

It’s fun to view our feathered friends outdoors

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