‘No Garden’ Gardening Week! Day 2: Pesto pots

If you love pasta, then you’ll love these ingredient-themed planters. Place them on a kitchen windowsill outdoors or a sunny doorstep, for easy pickings every time you want fresh homegrown pesto

1.Fill four medium-sized containers with peat-free compost, almost to the top, mixed with a little grit for drainage. If you don’t have a pot, use anything you have to hand – an old washing up bowl, trug, or even tin cans will do!

2. Water the soil so it is moist and in your first pot, push nasturtium seeds in to the soil with your thumb to just under the surface. Thinly scatter rocket seeds in the next, spinach in the third and coriander in the fourth – covering all with ½ inch soil. If you have room kale and parsley also make tasty pestos, and basil is, of course, a classic. Basil requires a little more warmth to germinate than its hardier cousins, so is best started off indoors.

3. In a few weeks you can cut the leaves as they come (and probably cut again), before succession sowing. Try to sow another batch as the first lot germinate.

4. Use eight parts greenery to one part nuts (walnuts, pine nuts, almonds, cashews are all lovely) to two parts olive oil, two parts cheese and plenty of lemon,  garlic and seasoning. Whizz it all up in a blender – and voila!

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