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As the plot fills up with flowers, fruit and vegetables it can be harder to find your way through the jungle. This National Children’s Gardening Week make some brightly coloured signs to help everyone know where everything is! (Psst, these wooden spoon planters markers also save on plastic and will slowly biodegrade)

You will need:

Wooden spoons (or any other wooden utensils)

Old seed packets/seed catalogues


Acrylic paints


Black permanent marker pen

Outdoor varnish or clear acrylic spray

1. Draw your design with a marker pen on the front or back of your spoon (the back tends to be flatter and easier to draw on) and use your paints to colour it in. Remember, the more colourful it is, the easier it will be to spot!

2. Try writing fun messages or directions on the spoons, adding the number or name of your plot, using them as markers for your plants – or creating a family of little gnomes! You could also paint the handles in bright colours too.


3. Wait for the paint to dry thoroughly and then apply a thin layer of outdoor varnish so that your spoon signs will be weather resistant.


4. If you’re not confident drawing straight on to your spoons, you could create some vegetable decoupage by cutting out photos from old seed packets or seed catalogues instead and sticking these onto the spoons with glue. Write what they are underneath, and then varnish in the same way.

5. Place the spoons around your plot so that people can find their way around and spot all the lovely vegetables and fruits hiding away from the harvest!

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